Monday, 17 January 2011

Eton and grooming

Eton is only 14 months,
Eton as a pup.
He was the largest pup,weighing in at 530g when born, in fact he is the pup that fails to climb up on the bed in the youtube video, when you were as large as he was everything was too much effort, he liked food and sleep! He now is about 59/60 in height and weighs about 23kg, and is Mr Lively, loves everyone, tail never stops wagging and just makes you smile. However Eton has proved his calmness by passing his TAN in the UK, he currently attends gundog training and will shortly be taking his grade 1 gundog test, he also achieved his silver KC good citizen award and believe he is working towards his gold. Eton has a clear eye certificate too. All in All, a good allrounder.