Monday 31 January 2011

Walks in the Forest

Today we met the herd of Woolly cows, I have to admit as cows go, these are cute and the calves are just beautiful, this one was watching Bepop who is just out of shot.

Nice day today, so the forest was busy, we met so many other dogs. We walked 5 dogs, Bepop,Bobby, Molly the border collie,Fudge the lab, and little Fudge a border terrier x. Luckily all 5 dogs are very sociable. 
Betsy was having a rest day as she ran 10 miles with Julian yesterday, and Jazz my poodle is not 100% at the moment.
I never want to own too many dogs, 4 is quite enough at one time. If I had land I may feel differently, but making sure that my 4 go out and have free running is vital for their health and well being. 

The deer are still loitering.