Thursday 27 January 2011

Dogs on the trailer (wagon)

On the shoot I attend with Graham and Remy I notice that both Bepop and Remy ofton lie down in the wagon between drives. The barbet is not a small dog, and neither of them seem perturbed that tails are trodden on, and people and dogs step over them. The dogs on the wagon have little space, the labs seem content to rest their chins on the nearest thigh, others balance, some sit. There is never room for a dog to assume terriotory.
The fantastic day out with Mark ( gundog training under weblinks) was a very different day for Bepop, luckily she has the charactor and temperment of a working dog, she has to face new situations and react accordingly.An unbalanced dog would not cope.
Its hard to see, but yes Bepop is in the photo below, and thats where she rested whilst we had lunch.
My confidence in Bepop grows the more I do with her, although I am still keeping everything crossed she behaves well tomorrow on the shoot!