Monday, 25 June 2012

A bit of Black retriever history

 The British were a powerful force in the dog world, especially with regard to 'sporting breeds' and if you think about working dogs today, the black lab, the flat coat retriever, curly coat retriever, and black cockers, we still value ' the black dog for working'. when doing any research, it does make a difference as to which century you are looking at, as fashions change  and that includes coat colours with the dates. The text below is just one publication, a snippet into the dog world in 1871. Its hard to imagine that the Golden retriever was not a breed fixed in type in 1871. So in 1871 what was the situation in Europe, our retrievers were mainly black ?  

The Exchange and Mart 1871

Address J Smith 1 West street Harrow Black dog half bred Newfoundland and retriever good water dog will exchange for poultry Offers requested Brahma game or Dorking preferred (T Kingston jun Chiswick)

 Jet black retriever bitch 12 months old has thrown one litter of pups fit to exhibit can be seen before exchanging if wished Open to any offers to £2 No live stock Illness sole cause of parting with her Hollo way 9448B

Handsome large black curly coated retriever good  at anything, brace of liver pointer puppies,highly bred and handsome,dog and bitch very obedient Offers JM Burton Bradstock Bridport

large black curly coated retriever will fetch and carry and good for water and a good house dog and companion to exchange for jewellery if good or anything useful for lady or gentleman iu new wearing apparel Kent 9292s

Black retriever bitch 14 months old suitable for coming season quiet obedient tender mouth and nose, Price £1 very cheap Box 21 post office Norwich

Turk a handsome well bred bright black retriever pup about 6 months old over the distemper from first class parents Exchange for poultry value a guinea Mr William F Bayer Chelmsford

Large black retriever dog very handsome and well broke and fond of water Price 25s F Wildman St Cuthbert street Bedford

Retrievers black dog and liver bitch shot over three seasons warranted broken Will exchange for perfect pointer or setter or offers Stamp tree Essex

Handsome jet black curly coated Newfoundland retriever rising 12 months a bargain at £5 but for a good home will part with her for half that amount illness cause of selling her Address Juno,3 Lowman road Holloway.