Friday 15 June 2012

Barbet puppy and play

 Well I thought I would be over the moon that Bobby has now decided that Hallie could be an asset to our 'dog gang' as she is so very playful. However he plays real rough and although he stops and leaves the crime scene when she yelps, Hallie always goes back for more so she encourages him everytime. Bobby has only started playing in the last two days so perhaps he has a better understanding of the words 'foster' 'rehome' and 'castration' than I gave him credit for. I did supervise this new playtime and drew the line at Bobby sitting on Hallie, she has very sharp teeth and he was being rather daft with his positioning in my opinion, those words ''it will end in tears'' were going through my mind frequently. Guess who stopped play? Big Bertha aka Betsy, she got inbetween Bobby and Hallie and said in a volley of barks 'enough' and then she beat up Hallie in the same manner of play as Bobby.......hmmm, I am beginning to think that the dogs should just form an orderly queue and get 'lets beat up the new member of the pack' out of their system. As for Bepop, well she is still depressed and has taken up residence in my hall, so if anyone reading this wants to study dog behaviour, I have enough going on here for a book!