Sunday 17 June 2012

Novaforesta Demi

Demi in the New Forest at 10 weeks

Demi looking guilty at about 7 weeks
Demi a wonderful dog in my opinion, one of the best barbets in the world but then I am very biased. She is the daughter of Caya and Bepop, and spent most of her puppyhood when we had visitors hiding under a cot, people would remark about the fact that there should be 12 puppies and they could only count 11. She reminded me of a babybird rather than a puppy, but when she looked at me I used to melt.She was called Demi as she was half the size of the biggest pup at birth, and we thought rather than interfer with nature we would let her fend for herself for the first few days. After about a week, she was losing ground to the other 11 pups, so we used to top her up with milk and she also got first feed from Bepop, something that the experts say not to do but hey.....   
I thought I would never find the right home for Demi,how wrong was I? She has had her moments of being hard work, but her family are devoted to her, as she is to them and if you want to meet Demi she will be at the CLA Game Fair this year, there is something special about her, honest! and its always such a pleasure to get a 'Demi' welcome when I see her so I can't wait.
Novaforesta Demi June 2012