Wednesday 13 June 2012

Hallie update

10 weeks old

Jazz only does this to his best friends.

Well Hallie has survived for 3 weeks in our mad household, she has now completed her puppy vaccinations without a murmour, totally transferred to a raw meat diet and so is eating her chicken wings with glee along with every bit of loose debris in the garden. Our garden is not puppy friendly as since Hallie arrived Julian has been laying a new patio and now is working on a decked area, so much around for a puppy to play with, and as for a puppy and a pile of cement, it has been an interesting couple of weeks.

Toilet training is ongoing, she has always been dry at night and wakes me up every morning by barking at about 5.30, during the day she looks at the grass through the  glass of the French doors and relieves herself inside not outside, so we are working on that.
I have started training her, and so far she is showing great promise. Her scenting ability is amazing, I must try and get it on tape. She sits readily, we are working on the command 'wait' and we try and do 3 retrieves everyday with her favourite toy, which is a furry duck that squeaks. The toy is not my first choice for training, but as she is obsessed with it, it means that training is really good fun and that is what it should be at 10 weeks old, she is a baby still.