Friday 22 February 2013

Happiness is....a Barbet with a window view

There might just maybe, possibly,hopefully, a remote chance, that Bepop will see a cat if she waits at a window. She loved the window in Belgium. It was the perfect Barbet window, and she soon learnt the routine of a bit of hanky panky outside, and  she was then rewarded with the window with a view, even the low table with biscuits on it didn't distract her.......Barbets do live happily with cats and other animals, and in fairness to Bepop when she does see a cat she just quivers so I do know by her body language that she has had success, so I am thankful that she doesn't become a manic dog, perhaps she secretly has a 'I Spy' book, and is in competition with Betsy!.