Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Martha and house training

I may be odd getting my camera to take a photo of a dog wee, but this is no ordinary dog wee as it belongs to Martha who for several months has also been called 'Pennypisspants'. When we got Martha she seemed to understand very quickly to squat outside on command, it is always the first thing I teach pups or youngsters as it makes life so much easier and avoids those long minutes off standing outside in the garden in the rain waiting for a dog to pee. Anyway, although Martha squatted outside we were still getting accidents inside. Well, one day with a dry patio I was quite taken back that her squatting left a dry patio therefore I had to accept that I had trained her to squat, but not to wee which explained the accidents in the house. I had to have a major rethink as it was now clear that Martha and I were not quite on the same wavelength and potentially she was confused. Rule number one is don't get cross, so with a plastic smile I went back to basics of opening a door every 10 minutes and letting her out, a rather polite, ''good girl'' or ''well done'' when she went successfully and finally taking her away for the weekend to Belgium which meant any habit regarding favorite spots in the house were removed. She behaved perfectly when we were away, no accidents in the hotel. So why the photo? When I got home today, Martha greeted me in the wild way that I am getting more used to, and then rushed to the patio door and threw herself at the door handle, she was desperate and had waited. So I am proud of her........In hindsite I think I rushed her at the start, and I am quite impressed that she learnt to squat without weeing