Sunday 10 February 2013


It is always frustrating to log onto The Kennel Club website, and search for our Barbets on their 'mate select'  page. The Barbet information is there, I have spoken to the Kennel Club numerous times, one day it works and yet another day, nothing can be found. The Kennel Club have all the hipscore records, or should I say the hip scoring done by the BVA, these are cross referenced with the DNA profiles that the Barbets have, also held by the Kennel Club. Anyway, I have taken the plunge and joined Champdogs, I really like the fact that they ask for copies of hip scores/eye tests before it goes online. They basically are checking out the breeders........that can only be a good thing in my opinion.
So Novaforesta is now on the site, and the only dog so far entered is Be- Poppy with her health tests (her recent eye test is being reviewed as I type) and that took me hours!!!.
I am not putting the Novaforesta link for Champdogs on this blog, see if you can find it?