Sunday 24 February 2013

Puppy time for Ebene

I am very pleased to write that Ebene, the lovely girl from Canada is laden with puppies and they are due in the middle of March. The Father is Eton, the productive boy who sired a litter of 14 in the UK last year. The GB site is being updated with the news and contact details for Annette who will be the trusted guardian of mother and pups.
Ebene and Eton are lovely Barbets, so this is a good combination to take the breed forward.
We will of course have many Barbets in the UK that are related but as only a few will go on to reproduce this is not a problem and it means most owners have dogs in common with each other; one big happy family.
 Related dogs in the UK, also means that anyone wanting to breed  in the future will have to travel or import new lines, and that is good news for the breed.
The choice of sires, is not a twinkle in the eye of a is normally hours of discussion.

When I imported my two girls in 2007 the plan was to breed them both to different lines so that the offspring could mate together. Novaforesta Dora (Bonnie) and Novaforesta Eton are the resulting pairing that produced 14 pups last year with a very good COI, and from that mating I have Hallie (Charamese Hernione)  who is the grand daughter of Betsy and Bepop, So the plan set out in 2007 became reality in 2012. 
Netis Hazzah aka Claude with Hallie
Annette (Netisspinione) is the owner of Novaforesta Dudley a.k.a. Ooli and who imported Ebene, from Canada as the perfect match for her boy. A beautiful litter was born last year, with one pup in particular making the headlines.There are not many white/brown Barbets in the world, and not only is he rather dashing but he is also training as a gundog.