Sunday 13 February 2011

Barbet grooming

Yesterday I groomed Betsy, from top to tail and it took about 1.5 hours to do everything which included ears, nails, pads, armpits etc. It has been 4 weeks since her last groom, and her hair length is 6-7 inches curled. I am not bathing her, as she doesn't need it. although bear in mind I am a groomer by trade.
Betsy was shaved completely whilst living in France as a puppy, I cannot therefore know how her coat would have developed if she had not been shaved as a youngster. The good news is that considering she has a life of walking and running in mud and alot of swimming, her coat is manageable.
I am lucky, all my dogs are good about being groomed, they know they have to stand, they know it may pull a bit, if they were asked its probably not the highlight of their day and actually if I want to clear the room I just say 'bath time'. Anyway, back to Betsy and today she looks as though she was not brushed at all, she has her beautiful curls back.