Friday 4 February 2011

Mistaken identity

The most common question asked when out with any of my dogs is:
Is that a labradoodle?
After a few years you do get used to it, some people are interested in what you have to say, some people are disappointed that they could get a dog breed so wrong.
Bepop and Betsy have been called, briards, black Irish Water Spaniels,labradoodle, PWD, bearded collie! and on occasions poodles!
Bobby has been called a SWD, lagotto, poodle, labradoodle and a cockerpoo.
Jazz who is so obviously a poodle has been mistaken for a labradoodle numerous times.

Will this situation ever change? I think it unlikely but what may happen is that people will use the types of dogs rather than the breeds, and ask ''Is it a retriever?  Is it a waterdog?  Is it a spaniel? Is it a sheepdog?''
It might be a good time to apologise to the lady I met the other day and casually asked if her dog was a labradoodle, she was kind to me and responded was a Catalan Sheepdog !! (beautiful dog by the way)