Monday 21 February 2011

Betsy and the treadmill

I thought we were making progress with Betsy and the treadmill, but she has now learnt that if she puts her feet on the edges, she doesn't have to even walk. When Betsy makes her mind up about something then there is little one can do about it other than smile!. If you saw the size of the edge that she places her feet you would say its impossible, I must try and get a photo. Luckily Betsy does love running and this weekend she managed a staggering 16 miles over 2 days with my husband. The consequence of owning 4 dogs and walks in the forest, is the amount of dirt in the house, the forest is just mud and my outside tap is out of action so they are drying off inside at least I am thankful I don't have carpets, but my dustpan and brush is working overtime.