Friday 4 February 2011

Hip Scores and Novaforesta Effie

 Fantastic news , Novaforesta Effie has A hips (European system), and a clear eye test.  Effie lives with a wonderful couple in Holland, so we cannot include her results under the health reports for the UK resident barbets.

Effie swimming at 9 weeks
 She is the daughter of Betsy and Bachus and one day I hope to see her again. She is approx 54 in height and weighs approx 22kg. 
She loved retrieving, the watering can she felt was better in the house than the garden!
  The Barbet in the UK at the moment is achieving a mean average of 8 which converts to an A in Europe, although with only 6 dogs hipscored in the UK we will have plenty of  test results in the future,when more pups go through health testing, however its a very promising start.