Friday, 30 June 2017

Martha and Murdoch puppies are 4 weeks old

Girl with one white foot
Girl with one white foot
Red boy on the move
Red boy with Snoop
Orange boy now wearing a white collar!
Orange Boy with Snoop
Boy with two white feet
Boy with two white feet
Green boy
Green  boy
Black girl
''Gloves'' or sometimes called ''Socks''

Black girl falling asleep
I have had a better week with Martha, although she is still off chicken!, but we have got her back on raw meat with no dire consequences. The pups have also developed a taste for raw chicken and goats milk and are on breakfast and evening meal at the moment, this is a messy time but at least Snoop is now helping out and Martha is very tolerant of the constant cleaning by Snoop!. Martha has been more relaxed over the other dogs being near her pups this time, but is just starting to show signs over being rather obsessed over keeping the pen clean, so we will wait and see although luckily I am allowed to clean up, just not visitors but maybe she just has good manners :).
Another milestone is that the pups are out of the whelping box and into a pen with a soft crate, which has also meant that they are not peeing in the crate which is a bonus. A couple of pups have been out in the garden already as it is warm today, so this week another pen will be under construction as love the pups outside in the fresh air. I am still catching up on emails, I almost feel as though I have been away for 4 weeks as I havent even opened all my post!. One of my next jobs is is the letter 'N' in France for registration so watch this space.