Friday 23 June 2017

Martha and Murdoch puppies are 3 weeks old''

Gloves- the girl who is always looking for mischief and the most lively of the litter

Black girl- very gentle 

This boy is wearing the green collar, biggest in the litter and very determined in his actions and always competing with ''Gloves'' to be on your lap

This boy wears the orange collar and is one of the quieter boys who loves a cuddle

This boy used to wear the red collar, and is just one of those puppies that is just lovely to hold as you can't help but give him kisses 

This is the boy with two white feet who I had to use Snoop to keep him still for the photo as he is the most active boy in the litter, he is quite small but always manages to be first for a feed!

This is the smallest girl in the litter with one white foot, She holds her own against the other puppies but is the only one that hasn't managed to escape from the whelping box

As you can see the pups have changed in the last week, they now have toys to entertain them after feeding and they are responding well to the other dogs. Martha is on the mend but it has been quite a journey and I have practically camped in the whelping box as I have been very aware that with Martha ill it could have meant the pups suffered. We had a few days where Martha didn't have much milk but she soldiered on and although weight gains were not spectacular none of the pups lost weight so dear Martha has done an amazing job especially under the circumstances.There remains a lot of emails unanswered as I really have not had any spare time to be sat at the PC, but I will catch up I promise.