Friday, 16 June 2017

Martha and Murdoch puppies at 2 weeks

Solid black female
male with the 2 white feet
Male with two white feet
Little girl with a white foot

Little girl showing her one white foot

Solid black female
This was the male with the red collar but as I can id him by his white chest I have removed the collar.
This is Ex red collar boy

We are calling her Gloves, girl with 2 white feet
Little boy sporting the orange collar
Loving seeing their eyes, orange boy.

Sleepy boy after a good feed

The biggest  boy sporting the green collar.
It has been an exhausting week, as Martha has been unwell with a bad stomach but hopefully we have now turned a corner after several visits/phone calls to the vet and she is slowly on the mend. I hope the pups don't have a memory of this week regarding smells as there has been times that even I felt like I needed a mask and I hate the thought that a bad smell in the future will remind them of their Mother. She is still on her diet of sweet potato and chicken/fish with some extra calcium, but I really hope to get her back to her raw diet in the next 48 hours. Luckily the pups have been unaffected other than the air quality, and have continued to grow and develop as expected which is obvious when you see the photos. Martha is a good Mum as no way can you feel great when food travels through you at such a rate. With Martha improving I hope to answer some emails as it has been a week when the PC has taken a back seat.