Friday 7 July 2017

Martha and Murdoch puppies at 5 weeks

Black girl - Novaforesta New  Horizon

Black girl- Novaforesta New Horizon

Boy with 2 white feet - Novaforesta New Moon

Boy with 2 white feet -Novaforesta New Moon

girl with one white foot - Novaforesta New Dawn

Gloves - Novaforesta New Day

Gloves - Novaforesta New Day

Green boy- Novaforesta New Life

Green boy - Novaforesta New Life

Orange boy- Novaforesta New Start

orange boy - Novaforesta New Start

Red boy - Novaforesta New World

Red boy - Novaforesta New World
So the pups now have official names which hopefully will be accepted by the French Kennel Club. They have changed so much in a week, and everyday they are having new experiences which will benefit them later in life. Everyday also sees old and new visitors which is wonderful for me as it means constant entertainment of puppies although Snoop and the cat are also doing their bit to keep them occupied! The pups are already in a routine over meals and tucking into their breakfast,lunch and dinner like a plague of locusts, I am less organised about milk as Martha is still feeding them and competing with any milk I put down in a bowl, having said that sometimes the goats milk wins. As for the characters of the pups, they are developing nicely and all are confident at the moment and play rough although that is encouraged by Snoop, who does sometimes have to be forcibly removed as they wind her up into a frenzy which for their own safety becomes a time out session. This week they have all enjoyed late night trips into the garden as the weather has been so hot, they have all been raring to explore at about 10pm, they have also experienced being showered as one day I just left the hose running to keep them cool ( you can see Gloves playing in the water in the photo above).
As for the pups, Gloves is the most vocal for attention and normally the last one to sleep, Red boy loves Snoop and is very chilled, and nearly always eats by standing in the bowl but easy to handle, Orange boy is one of the most playful and very cuddly, Black girl likes all the new toys and blankets and generally moves everything from a to b, so reckon she might be a bit of a thief in later life, Green boy is one of the braver pups and likes to run everywhere at high speed, little girl with the white foot is very sweet and tends to steer clear of any bundles as does the white boy with 2 white feet, I easily muddle them up as they behave in the same manner, but both are pretty easy going. Anyway I am blessed with such a lovely litter, and really looking forward to another week of new experiences.