Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Barbet Bepop is so quiet

This is not a normal position for Bepop, I threw some crumbs which Bobby and Martha hoovered up immediately and Bepop remained where she was......she is soooooo tired.
Bepop is the dog I know best, followed closely by Bobby, Martha I am still working on how her brain functions and Betsy seems to have her own rules which Julian understands better than I. Jazz will be 13 years old shortly, and since his eyesight and hearing have almost gone he has his own agenda and  does his own thing in his own time!!!!. So back to Bepop, she is needing cuddles and attention, she is definately feeling a little out of sorts. The cat watching is very half hearted, she just seems as though she cannot be bothered. She is not outrageously hungry, she eats everything still but no teeth chattering at meal times. Bepop weighed in 4 weeks ago at 30kg, but when you feel her she seems a bit boney so I am increasing her food as her undercarriage is already showing signs and we have over 5 weeks to go.