Friday, 8 March 2013

Crufts, Crufts and more Crufts

This year I am up at Crufts for an amazing three days, hard to believe but I almost feel in the holiday spirit as being amongst so many dogs is just heaven.
I am attending seminars run by the KCAI, thus the reason why I am going for 3 days, and for once rather than feel a bit cheated that No Barbets are at Crufts I am enjoying the experience of learning.
The best seminar so far has been by Prof. Peter Neville on how puppies learn, which has made me rather excited that I may have pups to watch in my own house soon, hands on research is definately something I would like to get more involved with.
So my posts maybe short, but you know why now.
Not forgetting
So many dog beds to view, touch, compare and imagine what my dogs would like...........