Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bepop the Barbet is in whelp

I am very pleased to announced the Bepop is in whelp, which means me emptying my diary from about the 19th April as there will be another Novaforesta litter after what seems like a lifetime. Bepop has put on 1.5kg, and is not hungry which for Bepop is very odd, and I have been trying to get her to eat more as she looks thin to me. Her last litter produced 13 pups with one stillborn, and her daughter Bonnie produced 14 pups last year so I am a tad nervous that she will have a big litter.I am still taking in the news to be honest, and we now have 4 weeks to finish decorating our kitchen, and deal with the chaos of family life. If you remember back we did blood tests for Bepop to show the best day of mating, and the Lab rang to say that we should retest as an accurate day could not be forecasted on the results, this was on the Thursday, well we left on Friday and Bepop was very happy to be mated over that weekend so I am pleased that we didn't wait to retest but it was all very stressful but I can forget that now as we will be having puppies..