Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hallie has been in the wars

Poor Hallie has an injured hind leg after an impact with Bobby playing in the garden. After a visit to the vets, a small dispute over her treatment (the leg was not broken after initial examination) with the help of a few manic phone calls I decided that crate rest was the best course of treatment with medication from the vets.
A good idea, but not according to Hallie who has never been in a crate and certainly has no plans to start. I tried everything to get her to enter the crate, and only ever did she manage willingly her front legs. Jonty was better as he got in the crate with her, so that worked while he was around. So the next best thing was a bed near where I was working, and I decided it was going to be shredding paperwork day. As you can see, after  a short time she got bored and slept. It has now been a week since her accident and she is off all her medication and has been for a couple of lead walks with no limping and I have allowed her back with the other dogs for play.It is really tough with a young dog keeping them calm and rested, and trying to keep her apart from the others when she so desperately wanted to play.