Saturday 10 November 2012

Barbet Puppies 2013

Watch this space as I will shortly be announcing my litter plans for Bepop who will be due on heat in March 2013.
Another Novaforesta litter I hear you shout '' bout time too''
After our fantastic success with previous litters, this litter will have been worth the wait.
If you are thinking of adding a Barbet to you family, please do check that the breeder shows you the health results and that you get the paperwork needed to prove that your dog is a Barbet.
If your puppy is not registered with a Kennel Club then it is not considered in the 'official' world of dogs as a pedigree Barbet. A registered Barbet will cost you approx £1000 in the UK and have a DNA profile to show its parentage. If any potential owner needs further advice, then ring any of the contact numbers on the GB site for further information as all are Barbet owners.