Saturday, 10 November 2012

Barbet Puppy News

Fantastic news for  Eton and Toutes as puppies are due around the 1st December.

Some lovely photos on the Barbedoux website:

Barbedoux in Holland

This is the information about Toutes:
Laulava Toutes t'Adorent Dutch Champion
Dutch Youth Champion

 birth date: 25-09-2007
mother: Nelum-Himalis Aurore
father: Quaciƫndas Aragon Unique

health: HD-A, eyes ok
courses: Puppy, Youngster, Obedience A, Hunting training
playful, gay, cuddler, loves to swim and loves a lot of action, greets anyone chearful who passes her path, loves especially (little) children, is absolutely not dominant at all.