Thursday, 25 April 2013

Barbet puppies 1 week old

Black boy with white stripe
Little girl

Brown male with green collar

Brown male with purple collar

Big male with red collar

Black male already sporting debris!

Brown male with blue collar

i have to admit that 7 puppies is a lovely number, a lucky number and fantastic for Bepop to raise. The pups are very contented, although red collar boy is taking advantage of his size and he makes sure that he never has hunger pains!. They have easily doubled their birth weight, and we are on countdown for their eyes to open. I will post a photo of my viewing seat, you can't see it on the webcam but it is where I spend most of my time watching the pups, everyday they get stronger and everyday they make different sounds. Bepop makes a wonderful noise when one puppy is away from the rest, it is an identical sound to the noise Bobby makes when he sees another dog out walking that he cannot reach, so it has to be a calling communication, odd though as puppies are deaf at this age.