Monday, 8 April 2013

Barbet puppies UK

Barbet puppies born in the UK are NOT registered with our Kennel Club as at the moment they are not a recognised breed. This means that the breed cannot be shown in the UK or enter working trials, although showing in Europe is very easy as the breed is fully recognised.
However, some litters will be officially recognised by the French Kennel Club and it is important to check that a mating certificate is available to view as if not then until we get recognition in the UK any other Barbet puppy is not classed as an official Barbet regardless of whether the parents are fully recognised with pedigrees. If you are interested in a Barbet puppy, then expect to pay approx £1000 with a full French pedigree and a DNA profile that will support the parentage of the line.
All Novaforesta puppies are official Barbet puppies, they will be registered with the French Kennel Club, the main reason for me is that it adds to the amount of Births recorded for the breed in France which is really important for a breed low in numbers worldwide