Tuesday 23 October 2012

Naughty Hallie

Now this settee was bought for us (Humans) to be able to sit in the evenings and  have some quality time in the kitchen with the dogs. Hallie has different ideas about the settee, it is certainly her launch pad for attacking Bobby as he walks past, if she stands on the arms of the settee she has a great view of the entire kitchen and as she is now a qualified counter-surfer she can see any food left out from her increased height! We have a few times managed to quietly sit on the settee without her knowledge as if she spots you, her manners disappear and within seconds she will land on your lap, throw herself backwards for the ultimate tummy rub. It is rather sweet, but I do wonder what would happen if someone ever came to our house that didn't like dogs.
Hallie is growing up rather nicely, she has a brilliant coat still and a lovely brown hue to her curls, so some days she looks completely brown and other days she looks black, its a bit like owning 2 dogs.The best news of all is that Bobby has learnt to share his toys with Hallie, they spend most of their time together and the best game is a piece of cardboard that measures an inch square, they must both hold it with just one tooth, and their heads look like one, but hey it keeps them quiet and they seem to enjoy the challenge!