Monday 3 September 2012

Betsy Bonheur and puppies.

Esbjorn,Alba and Betsy
Well we finally managed a trip to meet the new man in Betsys' life, he is Esbj√∂rn S.T. Da Capo, a beautiful male living in Germany with a family and born 27th April 2008. We hope that the mating will be a success as it has been at a planning stage since 2010 and he was certainly worth waiting for.
We had no time to meet many friends as the travelling was hard work, it took 12 hours to get there, and 14 hours to return home. But we had the pleasure of meeting Anne and Wouter, who are the breeders from Holland who have used Novaforesta Dudley on their rather beautiful girl Alba, they have kept an amazing puppy called Lotus.So for now we will keep everything crossed and we should know at the beginning of Oct whether we will have the patter of tiny paws.