Sunday 23 September 2012

Are you ready for a Barbet puppy?

Barbet puppies are not destructive as a rule, I have written that many times and told many new owners but I may have to change my view. Hallie is a very good puppy, she is obedient, she is very clean, she is very affectionate, she is very playful, she is quiet when left on her own, she has so many good points ..........and I love her very much.
However  in her former life  she was either a magpie, a thief, a hoarder or even a womble.
In the  last 24 hours this list has been her achievements:


 3 stock cubes, my sandwich and a packet of jaffa cakes.


Three shoe soles

A packet of post it notes

Various bits of paperwork, now beyond recognition.

A paintbrush

A dustbin pan ( my new one which replaced the one she chewed last week)

2 grooming brushes

I wood comb.

In the last week:

The list of items removed from her mouth which I considered life threatening

Stanley knife

 my best scissors

My mobile phone

2 x remote control

House phone

Numerous leads

Numerous collars


2 nails
Hallie is at the moment fast asleep, but this used to fool me as I know when I leave the room she will leap into action.