Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Barbet BBQ

What a wonderful day we had on Sunday, I should have counted the dogs but I think we had 19 Barbets and maybe 10 others (the majority being spinione of course!) attend. The dogs were great, those that wanted to just played and played, those that wanted to lie in the shade, did so, and those that liked the sandpits full of water had plenty of opportunities to cool off or get a drink. It is a real credit to the breed that we can have so many dogs loose together. We had a brief meeting in the morning to chat about the rejection by the Kennel Club, the recernt Symposuim in France that we attended, and we also had the chance to go through the confirmation process for the new puppies with pedigrees and of course the shows in France  that we can go to next year as a club.