Friday, 2 March 2012

Ticks and dogs

Every night this week I have taken ticks off my dogs.Yesterday Bepop had these two on her head, both at different stages, one fully engorged and one thinking about filling its stomach. I use tick tweezers (made in Germany) and probably about 30 years old, i am not squeamish about ticks anymore as I have removed so many since moving to the New Forest.
The sad news this week is that a barbet in the States lost its life to Lymes disease and this disease is carried by ticks. Our thoughts again with the family of Dyna at this difficult time.
I don't frontline or use any deterrent on my dogs against ticks, I did awhile back but as I was removing the ticks on a regular basis very much alive, I became more unhappy over the chemicals I was using for no real reason. Frontline will kill a tick in 24/48 hours, so for those reading this horrified that I do not protect my dogs against a terrible death I suggest you do research and find out when Lymes disease is transferred from tick to dog.I live in an area that has Lymes disease.
I hope my dogs have antibodies against Lymes as at some point they must have been bitten by an affected tick.
Have the antibodies given them immunity? or do my dogs have a good immune system?or is it a matter of time?  its hard to find out facts for ticks and Lymes.
When the weather gets warmer, my 2 ticks a night average will rise to 5 or 6 a night, I will then use a herbal spray or an oil to try and stop the blighters attaching to the coat.
Anyway I will try and do more research.........the answers will be there somewhere.
The beautiful barbet in the States had been frontlined and vaccinated against Lymes, but the belief is that she was affected before the vaccination. So don't stop what you do to fight ticks, my belief  maybe very wrong  and the price you pay is the loss of your dog.,