Friday 2 March 2012

Barbet information

I have just added a couple of new links, one is the pointing dog blog and the other is a site called the French waterdog site which has lots of interesting articles and is being updated frequently with litters being born overseas, and also a  list of stud dogs with a COI of breeding and heights and weights.
Please note that the COI of breeding listed for the stud dogs is from an unknown source and does not correspond to the public database available to all. As with most things in the barbet world, this will lead to confusion,as an unknown source means it cannot be verified officially.

Its very sad to see the links on the French Waterdog site do not include the GB Barbet Club or my Novaforesta site, but the world of dog politics is as I have grown to learn fairly quickly is based around 'people' and not about dogs and the Polish man who runs the site dislikes me or should I say has only ever sent me rather unpleasant emails. I don't bear grudges, so as he is doing stirling work for the breed I am very happy to share the link.
 I try to stay out of the 'barbet politics', but just sometimes you feel the need to say something as I do have opinions on certain issues. Luckily my sweet Bepop and Betsy don't care, they are  lying on the sofa  both snoring. So folks for me the barbet world is about barbets regardless of who is friends with who and sites I link to will only contain information as if 'mud slinging ' occurs then those sites are just not worth reading.