Friday 11 March 2011

Dog Shows

I would happily admit that I am not that interested in the showing side of owning a breed, mainly because I am not a competitive person, but I can see the social side of showing, its good to meet with others that you immediately have something in common with, and if a judge agrees with you that you have the best dog in the class, then its a wonderful experience. My thought for the day, is that with the rarer breeds that are low in numbers therefore low in numbers at dog shows, instead of winning as you are the only entry,why not allow judges to just write reports for the dog, that way judges could learn more about the breed, the faults and the good points and breeders will hopefully take onboard some faults within their breeding and gain knowledge due to other reports  how to improve the breed, it should also be free entry until the numbers are sufficient for competition. If you had a good report for your dog, then it would be on the internet next day, a bad report, then you probably would  have wished you had kept quiet about the dog show! Food for thought.