Monday, 21 March 2011

Bedtime for Betsy and how she communicates

Although she has a long coat, its now Spring and Betsy has had her natural warm woolly jacket removed. I groom my barbets for the UK weather, but perhaps I had not taken into account our house is very cold and we have no carpets, so the flooring is cold!. At 7pm last night, after a very long walk, a good swim and a hearty meal she begged and cried until we realised she wanted to go upstairs to bed, as you can see that is where the dog beds are!. It really shows how the coat of a dog can be changed by grooming, Betsy spent most of our Snowy weather outside, she is not a dog naturally that ever feels the cold. Anyway, she didn't move, thats how she slept until 7am this morning, Bepop and Bobby thought it was great as they cuddled up. Its strange how dogs communicate so differently, Bepop if she wants something she looks with her eyes and then back to me, not unlike a baby would, Betsy dogs your heels and cries and you play the guessing game, Bobby is still a bit young and too preoccupied with retrieving anything not tied down, Jazz dances on his back legs near whatever he wants or runs to it.