Monday, 25 April 2016

Do Barbets retrieve?

I am very pleased to say that ''yes'' they do.
We have been having problems with Martha as since we got our pet ducks she has just gone right off doing any retrieving work on birds, rabbits were still ok though!. So yesterday we took the 3 girls and a frozen pheasant up the forest, as it was all a bit last minute! the bird didn't have time to thaw.
Bepop is just as keen as ever, and always does the perfect retrieve to the hand, Martha watched her mate several times and then did a fab retrieve through the water and mud, then Snoop for the very first time on game, took a while to go in the water but eventually decided to dive and delivered the bird very nicely to hand. They all struggled picking up the frozen bird, and Martha found the easiest bit to hold which I suppose shows common-sense. Anyway, I was very pleased as they also watched silently whilst the others were retrieving so we had a wonderful afternoon. .