Saturday 9 April 2016

2016 Barbet Birthdays

Firstly, Bepop is officially old as she had her 10th birthday on the 19th March. She hasn't calmed down much which in some ways is nice to see and she can still take the same length of walks that the younger dogs do. We have recently received her mydogdna results which we felt were important to do as she is in the background of many breeding dogs today and I am pleased to say that everything has come back clear.

On the 3rd April we celebrated the very first litter of Barbets in the UK reaching another milestone as they are now 8 years old. So a big Happy 8th Birthday to Novaforesta Denzil (Odo), Novaforesta Dempsey (photo above), Novaforesta Dylan, Novaforesta Delyssa (Nenu) and Novaforesta Dolly.

Then we have the 4th Birthday greeting for the wonderful litter from Julie (Charamese) a staggering 14 pups born on the 4th April 2012, and mother to 11 beautiful pups is our very own  Hallie (Charamese Hermione)in the photo above.

 Then we have Happy 2nd Birthday on the 5th April  to the lovely Pi ( Netis Jitterbug) and her brothers and sisters.