Monday, 17 February 2014

First Paris dog show 1863

How amazing that so much time has passed and yet we can suddenly put pictures to text.
Thank you again Philippe Touret.

  CLASS 24th. - Barbets and stop Griffons.

1st   SUBCLASS. - Dogs spaniels.
Barbet large breed. - Grand Russian Barbet, etc..

st Prices Gold Medal 100 fr. - Mr.Hubert, Poodle (Mouton).
nd   Prices Silver Medal 75 fr. - Mr. Dei Ze (Rustic).
rd Prices Silver Medal 50 fr. -Mr. Jerome, Poodle (Mouton).

2nd SUBCLASS. - Dog griffons.
Griffon French or Chow. - Austrian Griffon, etc..
1st PRIZE: Medal golden100 fr. -Mr. Gasnier, Retriever French griffon (Minos).
2   PRICE:. Medal money 75 fr. -Mr. Masson Dog to stop Griffin (Brushwood).
3   PRICE:Medal money50 fr. - Baron Roger De Brinont, French Dog (Marius).
4 PRICE: Medal money. -Mr. Mii.leret On omirecourt, Bitch scribbles stop (Lamiche).
5 PRICE: Bronze Medal. - Mr.BORDEAUXGriffon stop (Sultan