Tuesday, 21 August 2012

More puppies...Yippee

I cannot post a photo as I have not got one yet, but the good news is the safe arrival of 8 puppies and the new Mom is Novaforesta Effie.
She had 8 puppies, 5 females and 3 males on the 14th August, the majority are brown and some have white.
All are doing well......
So my Betsy is a Grandma yet again, and what a competition starting as both Betsy and Bepop have the same amount of Grandchildren.....27 each, and the same amount in the litter sizes.
Denzil- 5 pups
Eton 14 pups
Effie 8 pups

Dudley-5 pups
Dudley 8 pups

Isn't that weird.......