Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hallie and training

Charamese Hermione aka Hallie
Grandma Be-poppy aka Bepop

Training a Barbet is not hard work, but you need to understand that you have to go at their pace and look at what they are good at and turn that to your advantage. I am learning about training once again with Hallie, she is very different to Effie who lived with me till 16 weeks old and so I had the opportunity to start early basic training. Hallie is very sensitive, showing any displeasure means she walks away in a huff and as you know training always has to be positive especially at a young age.At the moment she is very much a family dog, she loves us all and shows no real attachment to anyone in particular but the other day I did witness her showing a preference of trust. Julian and I took her swimming, the water was deep and the entry was tough for her as she had to jump in, Barbets can be very careful over water entry so we are just seeing if early jumping into water will make her less worried as an adult. So she became more confident as she jumped after the duckwing, however getting out the water was an issue as she needed to be hauled out by her collar. I was in charge of the camera and you will not see any photos of her getting out the water as she would only let me do it, when Julian tried to grab her she swam away, after three attempts I decided to intervene and bingo so we tried again and the same happened. I like to know my dogs and how their minds work, so this fascinated me, so when more quirky things happen I will keep you posted.