Monday 23 January 2012

Sex,lies and videotape.

A very appropriate title for the weekend

A very successful mating of two barbets yesterday, so good news in 4 weeks I hope.

Take a few seconds to read this...
As we don't intend to get through the entire alphabet, by breeding lots of litters, we chose names that have a special meaning for us. We hope they are not as awful as some, as we really didn't like the official name that was given to Odo.  We recall the breeder picking him up and saying,
"This one's called Denzil, 'cos I think he looks like Denzil Washington"!  No!  None of ours will be named after anyone that happens to be the same colour,  a very strange thing to do!!!

The quote above is more a reflection of the downside of being involved in the dog world, normally I can read comments about myself as a breeder or comments about my dogs and just laugh as the malice behind the words is envy not the truth.However today I have a headache and I am not laughing. Firstly I don't ever say ''cos'', Secondly Denzil is a Cornish name, Thirdly had I named my pup after Denzel Washington, I would have spelt it Denzel NOT Denzil.
As a breeder naming pups you only ever pick names that you like or conjure up a good memory, so even if I had picked Denzel as a name because of Denzel Washington it would not have been derogatory because they happen to be the same colour but because I like him as an actor (which I actually do),
I own 2 black barbets, strangely enough they have produced quite a few black puppies, Daisy,Drew,Diamond,Darcy,Duplo,Dickens,Dorje,Drake,Dora,Damsel,Dudley,Doug,Daria and Demi.
I also have a black shaggy boy named Bobby, I didn't name him and to us he is Bob, but rest assured that this is out of respect for the wonderful Bob Monkhouse not Bob Marley.
Julian does a fair mileage with our dogs, and today he took the camera. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area and I believe the dogs would agree.