Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Kennel Club Registration

As the registration of puppies is on my mind at the moment, this link below is worth a read.
Well written and a good explanation on how Kennel Clubs registration system works.
All Novaforesta pups have French pedigrees and are registered in France.
They are also registered on the Kennel Club  Activity register in the UK.
Why both?
All Novaforesta pups have been  DNA  profiled, and this has been cross referenced to the KC activity register.
So all the health checks prior to breeding can also be cross referenced by the KC.
The past for the barbet is complicated with paperwork so I wanted to make sure my papertrail with my puppies would be simple and easy to trace for the future.
A word of warning, although not relevant to Novaforesta barbets
When buying a pup always remember that the words ''KC registered'' may mean the activity register NOT the breed register.