Tuesday 13 December 2011

A dog is for life


First week 
Today I completed a week of life. What a joy to have arrived in this world. 
First month 
My mom takes care of me very well. This is an exemplary mother! 2 months 
Today I am separated from my mom. 
It is very turbulent, with her ​​eyes, she said "goodbye". 
I hope that my new "human family" will also take good care of me it did. 
4 months 
I grew up quickly, called my attention. There are different children at home and for me, 
they are like "little brothers". We are pranksters, they'll pull the tail and I bite a joke. 
5 months 
Today, they gave me a scolding. My mistress is inconvenienced because I peed inside 
the house but no one told me I had to. So I sleep in the lobby. It is not given to support it. 
8 months 
I am a happy dog! I heat a home, I also feel safe, protected. 
I think my human family loves me and gives me a lot. 
The court is everything to me and sometimes I exaggerate, I dig the land as my ancestors, the wolves, 
when they hide food. No one educate me ... All I'm doing must be right. 
12 months 
Today I have a full year. I am an adult dog. 
My teachers say I grow more than they hoped. They should be proud of me! ! ! ! 
13 months 
Today they m'enchaĆ®nent and I can hardly move, even where there is a ray of sunshine 
or when I ask a little shade. They say they will watch me and that I am ungrateful. 
I do not understand what is happening. 15 months 
Nothing is more like ... I live on the balcony. I feel very alone. 
My family wants me already! Sometimes they forget that I am hungry and thirsty. 
When it rains, I have no ceiling to shelter ... 
16 months 
Today they remove me from the balcony. I'm sure my family had lost. 
I'm so glad I jumped for joy. My tail like a fan. 
In addition, they will take me to walk! ! We head to the street and suddenly they stop the car. 
They open the door and down happily, thinking that we will spend our day in the country. 
I do not understand why they close the door and they leave. "You hear, wait!" 
I bark ...... They forget me ..... I ran behind the car with all my strength. 
My anxiety grew when I realized that I almost lost my breath and they did not stop. 
They forgot me! 
17 months 
I try in vain to find their way back home. I am alone and I feel lost! 
On my way, they are people of good heart who look at me with sadness and 
give me some food. I thank them with my gaze from the depths of my soul. I wish they m'adoptent: I was faithful as a person! 
But they just say "poor little dog, it must be lost." 
18 months 
One day, I passed near a school and saw many children and young people like my little brothers. 
I approached a group and, laughing, threw me a shower of stones "to see who was the best sight." 
One of these stones hurt me the eye and since then I can not see with it. 
19 months 
That's incredible. When I was beautiful, they had compassion for me. 
Now I'm weak, my appearance changes. I lost my eye and people show me the broom 
when I intend to lie where there is little shade. 
20 months 
I can almost move me more! 
Today I will try to cross the street where the cars pass, is just one! 
I was safe in a place called "cobblestone street", but I will never forget the look of satisfaction 
the driver who even boasted to have hit the mark. It killed me! ... But he only removed the back legs! 
The pain is terrible! My back legs did not obey me, and I dragged myself with difficulty to grass by the roadside. 
It has been ten days since I'm on the ground, rain, cold, without food. Now I can not move! 
The pain is unbearable! I feel very bad, I can not find a dry place and it seems that even my hair is falling ... 
Some people go by and nobody sees me, while others say "do not go near close." 
Now I'm almost unconscious, but a strange force me to open my eyes. 
The sweetness of voice made ​​me react. 
"Poor little dog, looks like they left you", she said ... with her ​​was a man in a white apron. 
He started touching me and said, "I know ma'am, but there is no cure for this dog, 
Better to suffer him to stop. 
The nice lady, with tears rolling on her face, nodded. 
As I could, I moved the tail and I looked, thanking me they provide relief to rest. 
But I felt the sting of a breakthrough that made ​​me sleep forever, 
Thinking about why I was born so no one wanted me ... 
The solution is not to abandon a dog in the street but to educate them. 
Do not turn into a problem a company so grateful. 
Help to open the minds ignorant, and so put an end to the abuse of animals, 
especially with the problem of street dogs.

This was found on http://www.barbet.org/aventure_%20barbet.htm and has been translated with google translate but at least you get the drift!