Thursday 15 December 2011

Barbets and eyes

A French breeder wanted a close up of Bepops' eyes..


To prove she didn't have entropia is the answer.

Well firstly Bepop has two eye certificates, the second one issued after she produced entropia in her first litter with Caya, so the specialist was informed of this.

It seems acceptable by some to breed  dogs with this condition, lets be honest  if the dogs have surgery who will ever know!!!., it can also be justified by correctly saying that the mode of inheritance has not been established. However its not something I would do or want to do, unless it was hugely beneficial to the breed (you should never say never!) .
So, Bepop does not have entropia, and she has perfect vision.She has big eyes or big sockets, can't remember what the expert said, it makes no difference to me as her owner, she has never had an eye infection and I never have to clean her eyes for bogies,and most days  I think she is beautiful and that is all that matters to me.