Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dog shows in France and confirmation

This was Douai 2010, three barbets confirmed. Novaforesta Dudly (Ooli),Betsy and Novaforesta Dora (Bonnie). The dog show was the reason for being in Douai, but my memories are the fun we had, picnics in the carpark and this photo was on Sunday morning after coffee and a stroll round town.

This was Douai 2011, three barbets confirmed. Novaforesta Duplo,Novaforesta Eton and Ebene. I have been looking for the photo of us all in the evening with more bottles of wine than people or dogs, but I can't find it!!. Once again, the fun was back at the hotel or food establishments rather than the dog showing. A very good weekend with good company. Will we be back in Douai in 2012, I hope so......