Wednesday 8 July 2015

TAN success in France

Novaforesta Janis Joplin aka Nell

Nell who swam out to the yellow buoy in her keenness to prove she is a waterdog 
A group photo of the dogs that passed the TAN with Monsieur Goubie

Two British Barbets passed the Tan in France in June 2015, Novaforesta Janis Joplin (Nell)and Netis Jitterbug (Pi), this is a basic test to show that the dogs are able to swim at least 5 metres and retrieve a dummy or toy, the dogs must show they are sociable amongst other dogs of the same sex and they must not be startled by gunfire. The lake was very near the dog show, and as it was a hot day the dogs were very keen to get swimming. The only downside was that Pi missed her chance to go in the big ring to compete against the other breeds being represented as 'Best Junior'. I might add, not because she might have won, but as so few Barbets are shown in France it is an opportunity for people to see the breed in the spotlight even if it is for only a few minutes.