Monday, 7 July 2014

Barbet puppy chaos

Meet our new addition, NetisJitterbug now 3 months old. When you get a puppy it takes time to get to know them, she spent the first couple of weeks next to us at night but now has settled well with some of the older dogs downstairs, she is not crated as there has not been the need. I do have a puppy pen in the kitchen which she visits when she gets too hyper and starts to bite and generally is just over tired. The puppy pen also means a safe place for her numerous toys, as with older dogs who like nothing better than a soft toy to destroy it is nice to be able to provide her with some entertainment.
She is swimming well with no signs of panic
  Her biggest fault at the moment is the speed she runs when she takes something she shouldn't, you never chase a puppy but it is almost impossible to remain calm and wave a treat at her when she has a possible fatal object in her mouth! once I really understand what is going on in her head, then training will be easier so at the moment I am just learning what she responds to.
More importantly for a puppy is to go out and meet other dogs and people, so we are trawling the streets and finding the odd cafe or pub that takes dogs, she is very confident so this at the moment is easy as nothing has phased her, actually tell a lie.....she expelled her anal gland when Julian started the petrol mower, and she does hang out on the back door step when the neighbours mow the lawn, so we will have to deal with that.