Monday, 21 April 2014

The perfect teeth in a Barbet

This is NOT a set of Barbet teeth, but just a lovely example of the scissor bite.

There is always confusion over the correct bite so I have tried to make it simple.
The Barbet should have a scissor bite, although a level bite(pincer) is also acceptable for showing,breeding and conformation.

I would make a dangerous guess to say that teeth in the Barbet breed has been overlooked due to the small genepool and the fact that most breeders have to take onboard how closely related dogs are, and what more serious health implications there are to combinations for breeding.
I personally would rather own a dog that had crooked teeth than hip problems.
I personally would rather own a dog with an incorrect bite than one that had seizures.
The list could be endless.......
So what you need to do is have a look at your dogs teeth, and also look at the bite and let your breeder know......if breeders are not informed then improvements will not happen.
This is a good site :


The link above goes into more details about the bite.

There is quite alot on the internet about teeth, but the 2 sites I have used today are: