Monday, 6 February 2012

A brown barbet flushing

Okay so you can see my shadow, but on the shoots I go to with Bepop I am very used to black dogs, not only Bepop but also black labs and black spaniels, its a common colour for a working dog.
Taking a brown dog put another dimension to my day as  he was easy to hear in the undergrowth, but not so easy to spot.
In true barbet style he found water. Although Bepop is by far the worse for finding the dirty disgusting bog/water/puddle/poo I can also say with 100% accuracy that the barbets that have attended shoots with me are driven to water, a break from flushing on a drive but hey these are supposed to be a breed working on water, so its a good break and I am chilled about their deviance most of the time. One of my fondest memories of this season was losing sight of Bepop, and then spotting four black legs waving in the air as she did a bit of breakdancing in a muddy puddle, she was reprimanded for this behavior as she should know better, but luckily on the same shoot she managed a fantastic retrieve on a runner and her deviance was soon forgotten.
The photo is Novaforesta Eton blending well with the forest background