Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Back to normal.

Its lovely to be back in the forest walking with my friend although its often quite a full car!. The dogs are all so different in charactor, we have a rescued border collie who is ball obsessed and hates anyone shouting, a black lab who failed at 6 months to make the grade of a working lab and by coincidence (of course!) has suffered terrible joint problems, a very sweet border/jack Russell terrier who manages to wind Bepop into a frenzy during playtime, I think its the only dog that has ever dared to stop Bepop in her tracks by hanging off her ears!. The last couple of walks, we have taken a tennis ball to encourage the border collie to run rather than walk at heel. A tennis ball has been life changing to Bobby as every toy we own is his, in our household. He has been exhausted after the forest, a couple of hours of constant running after a ball, didn't matter if you threw it for any of the others, he always found a way and he never gave up, surprising for me is that even Bepop joined in at the end, she has never ever shown any interest in getting a ball, but it does make a lovely walk....5 dogs and 1 tennis ball.